#1Recommended Diesel
Performance Chip

You get all of the good stuff…

  • Up to 20% greater fuel efficiency.
  • 20-30mph speed boost on grades.
  • 100% usable HP when towing.
  • Easy snap-in installation.
  • Easily removed when servicing.

And none of the bad!

  • NO “over-fueling” of your engine.
  • NO high-exhaust gas temperatures.
  • NO additional costly modifications.
  • NO jeopardizing your warranty.
  • NO compromising safety.

Dear Diesel Owner,

We’ve done what no other maker of diesel chips has done...indeed, what even the manufacturer of your truck’s engine hasn’t done!

It’s like getting a $100 rebate for every $500 of diesel fuel you buy. Think what you can do with that extra money, especially in this economy. Again, and again, and again. Think of the welcome surge that extra horsepower and torque will give you when hauling heavy loads—without adding more fuel to your engine.

That’s what makes DIESEL TUNES PERFORMANCE DIESEL CHIPS so unique. It boosts power and fuel economy without raising dangerous Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGTs)—or risking your factory warranty. This explains its growing popularity among owners of every type of diesel truck. (Read their unvarnished comments by clicking on the "Testimonials" button below.) Who wouldn’t pass up that kind of safety and performance?

Take a look at our product pages. Check out Diesel Tunes Performance Chips for Ford, Diesel Tunes Performance Chips for Dodge or Diesel Tunes Performance Chips for GMC.

  • Easy to understand installation. Just follow the simple instructions.

  • Requires NO additional modifications, NO pyrometer, NO larger air intakes.

  • Uses cutting-edge Combustion Efficiency Technology (CET) to produce top power.

  • Precisely regulates injection pressure to enhance fuel atomization and dispersion.

  • Lowest EGTs of any diesel truck chip performance product on the market.

  • Generates 100% usable horsepower when towing.

  • Greater torque and pulling power boost speeds 20-30 mph on steep grades.

  • Built-in safety features give you peace of mind under hard-pulling conditions.

  • Never exceeds manufacturer’s power train limitations or fuel rail pressure levels.

  • Undetectable by service diagnostics and easily removed before servicing.

  • Benefits owners of all types diesel engine vehicles such as RV's & Agricultural equipment.

  • And much more!

DIESEL TUNES PERFORMANCE DIESEL CHIPS may look like other truck chips, but that’s where any similarity ends. Its sophisticated electronic circuitry and advanced capabilities far surpass any other diesel performance chip on the market.

It’s also an incredible value, affordably priced and ready to start paying you back the minute you install it. This superior quality diesel performance chip is available in many versions for a wide variety of light, medium & heavy-duty diesel trucks, RVs, Motorhomes and Agricultural Equipment.

You can order yours online right now: Click to order Dodge Cummins Diesel Tunes truck chips, Ford Power Stroke Diesel Tunes truck chips, or Chevy/GMC Duramax Diesel Tunes truck chips. Or, if you’re not fully convinced the DIESEL TUNES PERFORMANCE DIESEL CHIP is the one chip you absolutely must have to achieve optimum power and fuel economy for your diesel engine—without any adverse effects whatsoever—here are some more compelling reasons.

  • Lowest EGTs: Using digital electronics, DIESEL TUNES PERFORMANCE DIESEL CHIPS precisely regulate your engine’s fuel injection pressure to enhance atomization and dispersion of injected fuel. You get more power output as a result of improved combustion—NOT by adding more fuel like ordinary diesel chips do. A cooler engine means longer engine life. (Typical truck chips “over-fuel” the engine causing high exhaust gas temperatures under load due to excess fuel burning in the exhaust manifold/turbo and not in the combustion chamber). 

    We don't add more fuel to your engine. We optimize the delivery and combustion efficiency of the fuel you’re already using!

  • Fuel Mileage Improvements: Whether your truck is empty or loaded, DIESEL TUNES PERFORMANCE DIESEL CHIPS reduce your fuel consumption in two key ways. First, it optimizes fuel atomization, resulting in more complete combustion. You get greater power output from less fuel input. Second, the DIESEL TUNES PERFORMANCE DIESEL CHIP's rapid torque rise causes your engine to run at its peak air/fuel efficiency level at lower RPMs.                    

  • 100% Usable Horsepower: By producing more power without adding more fuel, you can use the entire “power-band” under hard pulling conditions without backing-off the throttle because your engine temperatures remain at stock level. With an ordinary diesel chip that “over-fuels” to produce power, you have to keep an eye on an exhaust gas temperature gauge (pyrometer) when pulling a load, and back off the throttle on steep grades to keep the high exhaust temperatures from damaging your engine.                                                                                                                        

  • Warranty Friendly: A DIESEL TUNES PERFORMANCE DIESEL CHIP snaps directly into your engine’s wire-harness with factory-style plugs. It does not alter any setting on the engine computer, making it undetectable during service diagnostics. This means that you can quickly and easily remove the module and not be concerned about a dealer who frowns upon after-market product upgrades.                                                                                

  • NO Additional Modifications: One reason diesel owners hesitate to “chip” their trucks is the upfront cost. Because DIESEL TUNES PERFORMANCE DIESEL CHIPS do not increase your engine's EGTs, you SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS not having to make additional modifications to keep your engine cool under load. For example, you eliminate the need for a pyrometer ($250), larger air-intake system ($350), and a larger exhaust system ($500). (Even though we recognize the legitimate use of these products we feel that they should not be an upfront expense borne by the customer.)

  • Feel the sheer torque pushing you back into the seat as you pull that fully loaded goose-neck out of the hole like you're running empty.

  • Instant throttle response now gives you the freedom to punch the accelerator and pass slower traffic like they’re standing still—without having to wait for a mile of clear road.

  • Climbing steep grades, you no longer have to down-shift frequently, so you’re running in higher gears and always first to the top of the hill.

  • Your truck runs quieter and smoother than ever, with a more efficient burn and cleaner emissions. You no longer have that diesel smell or black soot covering your trailer.

  • With increased fuel economy you’re suddenly able to travel further and make fewer fuel stops. That’s more money—a lot more money over time—in your pocket.


Diesel Tunes™ smart chips STOP fuel waste and power loss. Order now.

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20% increase in mileage, 33% increase in H.P., 20% increase in Torque